Language, Mathematics & Culture

Language is taught through a graded phonic system. The child is slowly taken through the process of language development beginning with learning the phonetic sounds of the alphabet and moving on to word building and then sentence construction. This system helps the child master all four aspects of language - listening, speaking, writing and reading. Importance is given to the development of oral skills through group discussion, story- telling, show and tell and rhymes sessions.

The Mathematical module introduces children to numbers and the decimal system that forms the base for learning mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The material begins with concrete experiences and moves children towards the abstract. There is also a progression of difficulties

Culture module creates in the child an awareness of the world around him/her. It teaches the child various aspects of nature and his/her surroundings through activities related to Zoology, Botany, Geography and History. A cosmic approach ensures that the child learns not only about his/her own culture but also the cultures from across the world, thus inculcating values of love and respect towards every being in his/her environment.